It’s no secret that having a reliable B2B software is the main tool to charter the almost $1 trillion B2B industry. However, how do you justify the cost and time needed to acquire the software? How can B2B software take your business to the next level?

Most small business owners believe that such software are only suitable for trading behemoths like Amazon, but this is far from the truth. Read on why.

reliable B2B software

B2B Software Is an Investment, Not a Fancy Expenditure


Time is money. When you are able to have more time on your hands, you are able to focus more on what you are good at.

As an online entrepreneur and successful motivator Dean Graziosi would say, many people (and businesses) remain at the same level because they waste time and energy focusing on what they are poor at, instead of what they are good at.

A good B2B software will handle what you should NOT be handling as the visionary of your business. It becomes your trusted “employee.”

“But, every customer needs are unique!”

True. No two customers are similar, but most of your products are. Simple tasks like generating quotes based on their anticipated needs can be handled by the B2B software at any time of the day, with or without a technician being online. You don’t need to attend to all of them personally.


How Does It Get Your Time Back?


By simply automating processes between your business and customers! B2B software will validate your products real-time (as it happens), leaving you the space and time to concentrate on growing other aspects of the business.

Imagine having to validate every single query on a product yet a server can easily do that without supervision and relay to you every detail of the transaction.

Now, imagine having a system that will enhance your customers’ experience without needing you to be there all the time!

Every business owner will agree that getting to have some time for yourself as the business grows is a dream come true. It’s time you started enjoying that dream too.


Data Analysis Made Simpler


Besides getting you some free hours for other things, a reliable B2B software will also handle data analysis on your behalf.

Depending on the algorithm, your software will (as per your specifications) leverage the data both from your customers and suppliers.

Prices change often, and it can be an uphill task to keep up. However, if the margins aren’t adjusted accordingly, you may end up spending a lot of energy running an enterprise that’s dependent on stale data!

By keeping track of this data, you will be able to enhance your products and stay on top of your game.

automating processes between your business and customers

You Will Stay Open


To realize this efficiency, engage a reputable software developer like FPX who will walk with you as you upgrade your platform.

FPX is the expert in Commerce – B2B software development and will provide unmatched after-sales service. Why walk alone when someone is willing to move with you to the next level?


Finding Good Car Maintenance Repair Service

Before deciding where you need to take your vehicle for repairs and maintenance, it’s important that you understand how the two services differ.

Every vehicle comes with a manual that lists the routine maintenance items depending on the model of your car.

These are meant to keep your vehicle operating in good condition. Repairs, on the other hand, are done so as to fix a problem.

As such, where you take your vehicle for repairs depends largely on the service that’s needed for your car.

However, finding a Mechanic nearby in Calgary involves more than just a simple call.

 Finding Good Car Maintenance Repair Service

How to Find a Good Care Mechanic

When looking for a car maintenance near me, there are certain factors that you need to consider. While there is no single hint on what makes a good repair shop, here are several things you should consider:

Find a Repair Shop for the Brand of Your Car

Most garages specialize in a certain car makes. That said, it’s important to choose a car maintenance and repair shop that focuses on the type of car that you have as the team will most likely have the right equipment to fix your car as well as the latest training on your vehicle.


There is no better way to find a mechanic in your area than to ask around from friends and family as they most definitely have used their services. Recommendations are worth it.

Tips for Finding a Good Mechanic

Do an Internet Search

The internet is another way of finding a good mechanic. A simple search of car maintenance near me will give you thousands of search results.

In addition, past customers can also leave their reviews about the particular mechanic, and you are able to know what their experience was.

Certification and Licensing

Your mechanic should be licensed and certified to operate in your jurisdiction by relevant authorities to prevent chances of you getting scammed.

Local Shop

Even if the mechanic you love is miles away from where you live, it won’t make any economic sense. Getting a mechanic nearby in Calgary is one of the best ways of ensuring you don’t have to commute far to get the services you need especially if your car is the only means of transport you use.

Types of Repair

There are different repair and maintenance services that your car needs. From brake repair, oil change, diagnosing the car’s system to overhauling a transmission.

It’s therefore important that as you do your search for a car maintenance near me, you find one that offers all the repair and maintenance services that your car may need to avoid moving from one mechanic to the other.

 Car Maintenance and Repair Services in Calgary

Car Repair

Remember, for your car to operate at 100 percent; it’s important to take it for routine maintenance and have your mechanic diagnose any problems that may need repairs.

Failure to have car issues fixed immediately can result in your car stalling or in worse cases, an accident due to faulty brakes. Get your car repaired today and extend its lifespan.