How to Buy Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

Are you planning to buy and sell fashion jewelry?

wholesale gold jewelryIf you want to gain more profit in your jewelry selling business, the best idea that you should do is to buy cheap wholesale jewelry and sell them at a retail price.

If you plan to buy wholesale fashion jewelry to be sold retailer to consumers, it is necessary that you look for a cheaper price. To do this, you’ll have to do some research to take you to the right manufacturers or those who buy wholesale in bulk.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Find the Right Wholesalers

1. Get to Know the Different Types of Wholesalers

When you want to buy wholesale jewelry at a cheap price, it is important to know that there actually are different types of wholesalers. These wholesale suppliers have different terms in selling, the prices they give, and the minimum quantity of products that you can buy from them. Below are the different types of wholesalers and their selling terms:

– Manufacturers

The source of goods are the manufacturers. They are the ones who create the finished products from raw materials. When you buy from the manufacturer, the products are directly from their factory. And if you’ll buy wholesale jewelry from them, you’ll get the lowest buying price, but you’ll have to meet their minimum number of products to buy and usually, it is in very large quantities.

– Exclusive Distributor/ Importer

Bulk selling of fashion accessoriesSome products are distributed by one wholesaler in a country, and they can sell them directly to retail distributors. However, these exclusive distributors would often prefer selling their cheap fashion jewelry to smaller scale wholesalers. Usually, they sell goods in a bulk order and large boxes.

– Regional Distributor/ Wholesaler

Regional distributors usually sell their fashion jewelry to local wholesalers.

– Jobbers

Jobbers are those who sell their wholesale fashion jewelry to retail stores.

2. Check on the List of Manufacturers

You can buy wholesale jewelry for a cheap price especially when you go directly to the manufacturers. But if your orders are too few to meet their minimum product quantity for selling, you may ask them a list of their exclusive distributors so you can get lower prices.

3. Contact Enlisted Wholesale Suppliers

Once you get the list of wholesale suppliers from the manufacturer, negotiate with each of them so you can buy cheap wholesale fashion jewelry. Tell them the realistic quantity of the products that you are buying so they would know what to expect. You don’t have to look like a big product dealer. It will give them a realistic assumption if you tell them just the right deals.

Fashion jewelries from wholesalers4. Google Wholesalers

Take advantage of the internet. Search for cheap wholesale jewelry online. Type in the product name, the brand if there is, and the product model of the item, then add the word “wholesale” or “distributor” onto it. By then, you will see a number of wholesalers and distributors listed in the results.


When you sell fashion jewelry, as much as possible, go the source or the manufacturer of the product, then down to where you can meet the buying terms. As a seller, your goal is to gain more profit from your products, so research on where you can buy cheap wholesale jewelry.