Your Choice of Limousine Rentals and Services

Style. Glamour. Fame. Those are just a few words that may pop in your mind when you listen and sing to Miley Cyrus’ song, “Party in the U.S.A.”  Here, you’ll be given a list of fleets that you can choose from in your next dream party with your family, friends, relatives and even co-workers. Make the experience worth it because it’s yours.


classic black stylish car


Lincoln Sedans

A Lincoln Sedan is a classic black stylish car with a four-person seating capacity. This option of transportation is perfect when you party all-night within the town or you are headed for a corporate meeting. It is good only for a small group of people, but it is still an ideal choice when you are scheduled for these activities.


This is your luxury ride for small group of parties. There are limousine rentals that offer airport transfer services and vacation out-of-town trips with the Lincoln Sedan, but whatever it is, you are up for an experience of a lifetime with the Lincoln Sedan.


Classic Limousine

Lincoln Town Car. The Cadillac. Those are just two types of classic limousines with different variations like: Tuxedo, Black Tuxedo and White. It has a seating capacity that can accommodate from as few as four passengers to as many as 12 passengers.


This ground transportation service is a classic head turner and attractive fleet as special parties can be done inside without being disturbed by the noise outside. It has a noise control feature that allows your parties to be personal. You have a private chauffeur driving you around town, bringing you to your place of destination with safety and security. You are served with a chilled champagne, wine or any drink of your choice thus making this choice as one of the most sought after luxurious services.


Hummer and Escalades

If you have a bigger group, big problem, right? On the contrary, no problem. You will be offered with bigger service like a Hummer or Escalades. It is long and sophisticated that can provide space from 7 to 20 passengers. You have a choice for a big crew that you need to transport to the next party club or glamorous special event without having to worry about driving, traffic, parking and safety issues.


choice for a big crew


Go Out With Style

Now that you have been given a list fleets that will shoot you to fame-status, we will give you a couple of reasons why limousine rentals like A Step Above Limo – charlotte limo rental service and services is the trend you should join in.

  • Personal  and Convenient – Planning on your next big event, or just a group party can be stressful logistically. Hiring a limousine rental and limousine service can help solve those issues. You don’t have to worry about a driver that will take you place of destination, traffic jam, weather conditions and others. These rental companies have chauffeurs that are with you the entire night ensuring all of these concerns. All you have to think is the success of your activity.
  • Class and Royalty – To top it all, your request of a class, royal, VIP-like service is within reach and in your hands.  You can be assured a  red-carpet entrance and exit from your vehicle making sure that all eyes are on you. If the spotlight is what you want, then limousine rentals and services are for you.