Purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

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Purchasing commercial auto insurance can be a daunting task when purchasing personal car . An auto insurance is not just about insuring your vehicle; it involves insuring the fleet of vehicles for your business and the employees who will be driving the vehicles. However, the criteria and priorities you use when purchasing individual car protection is the same one that you should use when purchasing a commercial coverage for your company.

Quick Facts About Commercial Auto Insurance

A vehicle is eligible for commercial car insurance if it’s used for commercial purposes, whether it’s for people or good, or if the vehicle transports a huge volume or value of good. Basically the liabilities covered by commercial auto protection are the same as those in personal car insurance.

It is important to understand commercial vehicle protection and how they work before looking at the car insurance quote. Different commercial coverage companies will offer different quotes depending on the number of vehicles, the type of vehicles, the size of business, the nature of use of the vehicles, among other things.

Factors That Determine Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

Most commercial auto coverage companies will give their premium rates depending on the type of vehicles and the type of drivers you have. It is important that you get your employees driving records so that you have all the information concerning their traffic history.

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When making an inquiry for a car protection quote, you should be knowledgeable about how different companies generate coverage premiums for both businesses and individuals.
The type of vehicles that you’re insuring will also have a huge impact on the insurance premiums you will be offered. An example of an auto-specific coverage for companies is the business auto coverage. This covers basic travel trucks, and small cars. Others include insurance for dump truck, commercial truck, tow truck and pickup truck. These coverage options also feature price variations based on the nature of use and security threats.
To save money when purchasing insurance for your company vehicles, get a similar auto insurance quote for all the vehicles in the fleet. Bundling multiples vehicles together is also a great money saving strategy.

How to Find Quality Commercial Auto Insurance?

It is important that you take your time and do your homework well when making the decision on the company to cover your assets. For this reason, you have to make an individual assessment of the company on your own, without relying on information from theagent. Most agents will tend to give you biased information since they want to sell you a coverage. You can get more authentic information on the company from reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau.

Auto insurance can vary

Compare car insurance quotes from a minimum of three different companies. You should also take note of the discounts offered by different companies and driver-reward offers. Also find out some of the clients that the insurance company is covering and how satisfied they are with the services offered.