How To Promote Your Business At Festivals And Events

Many small businesses invest in promoting themselves online or through email. However, most of them forget to advertise in their backyards. If you are not using festivals or local events to promote your business, you are missing out on an invaluable opportunity. Festivals and local events can help small businesses to connect with residents in their hometown or city.

Here are great tips on how to successfully promote your business during the said occasions.

Give Away a Product or Service

Giving away freebies and free services are proven to attract people. However, typical promo products are not your only alternative. You can match your product/s or services to the event or the needs of the participants.

For example, you can give away foldable fans with your business logo and contact number printed on it. If your business is providing massage services, you can give them out for free to attendees of a marathon. For businesses with complex services like home remodeling and interior designing, you can choose to give free consultations. For food businesses, everyone loves free food; Better prepare!

Have a Contest

Depending on the type of event, you can have a contest then and there. Prizes can vary from gift cards for your business’s services to discount coupons for your products. Try to collect business cards or let people register before joining the contest.

Sell Something

There are some events that allow businesses to go beyond than promoting and giving away products/services. For example, you can sell food during a Street Food Festival.

You can also provide special offers along with them. A customer can receive a discount coupon if he/she buys a specific type of food. You can also offer a buy-one-take-one deal.

Attending events in the locality does not always guarantee success for your business. You may also have to…

…consider choosing the right employees…

Include the most energetic and sociable employees in your business. Introverts can still work during the event but only behind the scene as they are not usually comfortable talking with the participants.

….market the event by announcing you are joining…

You can do so by sending people emails, posting fliers and giving handouts days before the event. You can also take advantage of the social media. Don’t forget to use the right hashtags!

….and use giveaways to get back something from them, like business cards, contact numbers, and filled up registration forms.

During a fun run, a cup of water is not enough to get their phone numbers. Give something more valuable to compel them to give you what you want.